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Crisis Stabilization Unit


Often individuals who seek help at Westbrook Health Service’s Crisis Stabilization Unit ask the question, “How do you expect to cure me in 5-10 days?” The answer is, we don’t. Recovering from a mental illness is not a process that can be completed in a day. For some who struggle from mental illness, there is no cure. Yet, there is always hope. Hope comes in all forms, and the Crisis Stabilization Unit helps individuals understand what that means for them, whether that includes medication stabilization, fostering coping skills, helping an individual identify their support network, or providing individualized targeted case management. The CSU works to provide an inclusive environment for those battling substance use disorder and/or other forms of mental illness. The CSU will not cure you in five to ten days, but it will give you the structure needed to advocate for yourself, feel stable walking out of the facility, and know that a positive, healthy lifestyle is possible for you.

The Crisis Stabilization Unit is not a cure all; however, it enables people to feel confident in managing the obstacles life throws at them once they leave the facility to seek further outpatient care. Westbrook CSU Case Manager, Ashli Corra, states “Everyone deserves a good life. I just try to make clients realize they are worthy of their best life and assist them in achieving their dreams. We all deserve second chances; all I do is push my clients to see their endless potential. Recovery is worth it, and the CSU staff and I will do everything possible to stop the opioid epidemic.”

CSU provides services in the form of:

  • Coordination of after-care including: developing treatment plans to help individuals set realistic goals and guide them through the treatment process; making referrals to long-term treatment facilities, intensive outpatient programs to assist in preventing relapse and guide individuals through the recovery process, and comprehensive community support services to rehabilitate and support individuals as they regain control of their lives; setting up transportation for medical appointments; and scheduling outpatient therapy/physician appointments

  • Informing individuals about local support groups including: 12 step-based recovery groups (such as NA/HA/AA), SMART Recovery groups, and/or grief or mental illness support groups

  • Connecting individuals with resources to help them obtain food stamps and enroll with HUD (when applicable)

  • Enrolling individuals in Medicaid under presumptive eligibility (when applicable) which provides short-term coverage of health care services for those with limited income

  • Providing medication education

  • Advocating for an individual at a time when they are not able to do so themselves

  • Connecting individuals struggling with substance use disorder with a variety of options including medication assisted treatment

  • Group facilitation on topics such as emotional regulation, healthy relationships, goal setting, how trauma affects you, anxiety, and mindfulness

  • Providing a listening ear

Roughly one third of people seek any form of treatment for their mental illness. While there is a stigma regarding mental health, being afraid to seek treatment will not stop that stigma. You have to live your life. You have to make a choice regarding how you want to live. Westbrook Health Services is here to support you in making those life-changing decisions. You seeking treatment may be the push another needs to do the same. End the stigma, start your journey to recovery today.