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COVID- 19 Policies and Procedures

To our community and clientele, 
With the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus and the increasing number of events, schools, and activities being canceled, Westbrook Health Services has been on high alert in regards to client care as well as protecting our staff. We have continuously been discussing and reevaluating our emergency preparedness plan of action while working in conjunction with the WV Behavioral Healthcare Providers Association to make sure that we can maintain the best possible treatment practices for everyone enters into our facilities. 
As an agency, Westbrook is committed to continuing to provide services while mitigating the risk of infection transmission as much as possible. With that in mind, we are implementing the following protocols:
1. Both our custodial and regular staff will be working together to increase cleaning efforts throughout the agency. This includes wiping down surfaces, frequently touched objects, work stations, and community areas multiple times a day. 
2. We have begun cross-training efforts amongst the staff so that in the possibility of a staff shortage, we can still continue to provide care to our most vulnerable clients. 
3. We are evaluating and increasing our Telehealth Network to allow clients to attend appointments from home when feasible. If you have an upcoming appointment but feel you are stable, we can reschedule you for a later date. Prescription refills for clients unable to come to our office will be handled on a case by case basis. If any of these options are something you would like to utilize, please speak with your therapist or provider. 
4.  Starting immediately, we are restricting outings and attendance at community meetings, and beginning on Sunday, 3/15/20, visitations to CSU, Amity, Genesis, Group Homes, Day Programs, etc. will be suspended until further notice. 
5. For the time being, we are suspending recovery meetings (AA/NA/SMART Recovery) within our facilities and in the community. We will provide links to online access for those interested in maintaining attendance. 
6. Our Paper Plus Pantry in both Roane and Wood Counties will be suspended until May 12th. 
7. All DUI Programs in all counties are shut down until further notice. Any individual needing to enroll for compliance with the DMV can pay the enrollment fee online and notify our office. We will then inform the DMV the person has enrolled. Please note that this is only temporary and we will notify of any changes.  DUI Classes will be reevaluated to possibly restart the week of May 8th, 2020. Any questions pertaining to this please call Emily Derenberger (304) 485-1721 Ext. 258 or James McClain (304) 485-1721 Ext. 269
8. We are discontinuing all outpatient groups for the time being and will re-evaluate on April 6th. Please contact your case manager or therapist with questions. 
9. Beginning Monday, March 23 we will be closing our CFT Program, as mandated by the Bureau for Medical Services. For clients living in our ISS homes, Day Program staff will help provide coverage in the homes where needed. For our natural family individuals: Guardians have been contacted by the member’s Service Coordinator to ascertain if they would like to have a provider in the home. We will try to accommodate as many requests as possible where staffing allows. For individuals interested in future Day Program services, please contact Stephanie Wilson (Ext. 536) or Liz Fisher (Ext. 534)
Please understand that some of the changes taking effect were difficult to make, but ultimately came down to safety for both our clients and employees. We will keep everyone updated as events unfold and if there are any further changes. If you have any concerns or would like further information, please contact us at 304-485-1721

Online Recovery Meeting Options

SMART Recovery
Access SROL Zoom Meetings & 24/7 Forums:
Online Meeting Schedule:

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)
You can also conference call into a meeting every day at 2PM by calling (425) 436-6360 Access Code: 422932#

NA (Narcotics Anonymous)- Please check with your facilitator on online options:

Recovery Dharma Online

In The Rooms: A Globel Recovery Community

Digital All Recovery Meetings by WEconnect and Unity Recovery
4X Daily, 7 Days a Week- 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, and 9PM EST

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