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Dr. Cindy Dugan, Medical Director

Bd. Certified Psychiatrist – sees children and adults/ Provides MAT & MH to all counties (Tuesday, Wed, Thursday)

Dr. Cynthia Prather

Psychiatrist – sees adults – MH Telehealth Wood County (Thursday)

MAT Provider – Telehealth Wood Co (Tuesday & Wed)

Dr. Suman Narasimhamurthy

Child Psychiatrist – sees children only

MH Telehealth for Wood/Jackson/Roane/Pleasants Counties (Monday ,Wednesday ,Thursday, & Fri)

Amanda Cox

Physician Assistant – sees adults

 MAT Provider - Wood Co. (Monday - Friday)

Huntar Shank

Physician Assistant – sees adults

MH Wood Co /CSU Provider (Monday - Thursday)

Angela Monroe

Nurse Practitioner – sees adults & some teenagers (14+)

MH Wood Co (Monday - Thursday)

Cathy McGee

Nurse Practitioner – sees adults

MH Telehealth for Wood and Southern Counties (Roane/Jackson/Calhoun) (Monday - Thursday)

Brenda Brubaker

Nurse Practitioner – sees adults

Telehealth for Northern Counties (Pleasants/Ritchie/Tyler) & Wood Co (Monday-Thursday)

Christy Williams

Nurse Practitioner – sees adults

MH Telehealth for Southern Counties (Jackson/Roane)

MAT Provider – Tyler Co (Monday - Thursday)

Victoria Boldman

Nurse Practitioner – sees adults

MH Jackson County (Thursday only)

MAT Provider – Northern Counties (Pleasants/Ritchie), Jackson & Wirt Co (Monday - Wednesday)

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