Westbrook Health Services is a comprehensive behavioral healthcare facility, which means we offer a wide range of services and treatment options to fit your needs. Click on any of the categories below to learn more about our available services and how we can help you or your loved ones today. 

We can help you address the emotional and behavioral challenges of mental illness. With proper evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment, our mental health professionals can improve and save lives. 

The CSU works to provide an inclusive environment for those battling substance use disorder and/or other forms of mental illness.

Help is achieved through medication stabilization, fostering coping skills, helping an individual identify their support network, or providing individualized targeted case management.

Addiction comes in many forms and affects not only the individual but the family as well. We work with both individuals and family members to obtain freedom from addiction. There is hope, there is help. 

Our programs and professional services improve the quality of life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and for those caring for their needs.

If you received a DUI in the state of West Virginia, you will need to complete a substance abuse evaluation and follow specific treatment recommendations. We offer a program that meets the requirements set forth by the state in order for individuals to once again obtain their driver’s license.

Research has shown that a broad array of evidence-based programs can effectively prevent substance use and promote positive mental health by reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors.