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"Everyone here has been so supportive and caring through my journey. The staff was very understanding that each one of us has come from a variety of backgrounds and they were very understanding of that, I appreciated it so much. The staff has always gave me an open ear and gave me great extended advice that I will use life long. I’m thankful for the CSU it has been a blessing to be here. I immediately felt like I was in such a safe place the first day I got here."

"I grew up with parents who were addicted to drugs. Our home was always filthy, if I cleaned my Dad would get very angry. He would turn things over, throw things, and curse. He was a big man who was abusive to me and my Mom. I rarely had food to eat unless I could sneak out and get to my grandparents house. I got to the point where I felt hopeless and helpless. That is when I attempted suicide. I spent two weeks at Highland and they were going to send me back to my parents. I begged them not to and I begged for help. I told them I would just do it again if they sent me back.
They finally sent me to CSU in Parkersburg. There I met and was interviewed by Kayla and Vicky. Then on January 8, 2018 my life changed in a good way. That is the day I meet Loretta and she took me to live in the MI Residential Support Home. I can remember walking in and thinking it was so clean. Loretta gave me the tour and explained what I was expected to do. I felt so safe, I had a bed that was bug free, and food to eat. I was taught to cook. I couldn't read, write my name, or do math. Staff worked with me every night.
I can read now and I can sign my name, and I am really good at math. I had no money and no work experience to get a job. Loretta took me to Workforce to see if they could help. Workforce had a program for young adults. I was excited and scared all at the same time. Staff supported me, they encouraged me, and they believed I could do it. First I attended classes. Then they put me in a job where I worked 20 hours a week for minimum wage. I was given so many hours to complete before I turned 21. Staff worked with me on how to budget my money. I learned how to save in order to buy what I want. In May of 2019 we found out that all of us in the home needed to find our own apartments.
Staff assisted me with signing up for HUD and with finding me an apartment. Not just any apartment but a nice one in a nice neighborhood. In August of 2019 I aged out of the workforce program that I was in. I was really scared but Loretta assured me that the staff was going to help me find a job. My employer gave me a really nice letter to give to anyone I interviewed with. Staff took me all over Spencer to put in applications. Loretta once again took me back to Workforce and ask for their help. The lady read my letter and said she had just received a call the day before from Star Weld who wanted a hard worker. I went straight there and was hired after he read my letter. Staff had assisted me in signing up for unemployment but I had a job before my claim was processed. I was hired at $10 a hour for a 40 hour week. They later trained me on forklift and now I make $10.30 a hour.
I only have partial HUD now and I no longer qualify for Medicaid. I have good insurance through my employer. I pay my bills as I get them so I can build good credit. I have saved enough to cover two months of my bills if I ever need it. I am so proud of everything I have done and all I continue to do. I have a clean home, I make enough to cover my bills and I am able to buy those things I always wanted. I have purchased a computer, 2 smart TVs, the newest I-phone, a X-Box and lots of games. All with money I have earned. I am so glad that staff continues to support me. I came not knowing how to read or write but look where I am now. "

“Today is my last day at Westbrook. I want to thank all of you that played a part in rehabilitating me and teaching me in my role as an employee. I sought out services as a client in a deep addiction and was rehabilitated and employed on 2 separate occasions. I owe so much to this company, these words can never describe the life skills that I have been given here.”

“Very grateful for this service and help in my time of need. Thank you ALL for your passion and care. I am truly blessed for all your training courses and care...Thanks to every member of staff. I have been renewed by the services and quality of care.”

“I am very satisfied with the treatment I have received at Westbrook. It has been a very important part of the recovery process for me. Thank you!”

“Having a friendly voice on the other end of the line, that knew answers to everything I had questions was just what I needed when I nervously called in. It really made all the difference. I was blown away by her kindness and it made me choose Westbrook for my services a no brainer.”

“If it wasn’t for how much they cared, I am not sure I would have had the courage to come in. I called in with questions, and was met with someone on the other line that made me feel heard, and offered encouragement to come in.”

" I could not get a job without my driver’s license. Westbrook’s DUI program assisted me in reaching my goals, obtaining my driving privileges, and continuing supportive services helping me not only to drive, but gave me the ability to become employable and continue to grow personally." 

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