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At Westbrook Health Services, we help make the most of every day with care, assistance, support and information. Our programs and professional services improve the quality of life for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and for those caring for their needs. 

Our overall division goal is to serve individuals all over the state in residential programs, including the CRU (critical response unit), as well as their 8-county catchment area with their professional services. These services provide access to countless resources for clients. These resources may include medication administration, access to community events, access to ISS group homes, and training and monitoring

of skills for those with developmental disabilities who are accepted into the Title XI Waiver program.

I/DD Services include: 

  • Residential Services

  • Professional Services (nursing, behavior support specialists, customized employment) 

  • Case Management

  • Roane County I/DD Services (residential and day treatment)

  • Day Treatment Program

  • I/DD Adult Crisis Response Unit

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