Meeting the needs of family members with developmental disabilities is a challenge. It is important to know that there is help to assist individuals facing the challenges of intellectual and developmental disabilities.

At Westbrook Health Services, we help make the most of every day with care, assistance, support and information. Our programs and professional services improve the quality of life for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and for those caring for their needs.

IDD Services include: 

  • Title 19 Waiver In-home and Community-based Services

  • The Family Support Grant

  • Customized Employment

  • Psychiatric Services


Medicaid (Title XIX of the Social Security Act) is a state/federally funded program that provides health care coverage and long-term care support to low-income individuals who meet the medical eligibility criteria. In response to a nationwide focus on the need for home and community-based services for individuals who have developmental disabilities, as well as individuals who are aged and disabled, Congress enacted Section 2176 (Public Law 97-35) of the Social Security Act in 1981. This newly enacted legislation granted the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) authority to waive federal regulations that previously limited Medicaid reimbursement to institutional long-term care settings. No other change in federal law to date surpasses this legislation in terms of its significance for reforming the delivery of long-term care services. The Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waiver (authorized under Title XIX 1915(c) of the Social Security Act) provides an alternative to services available in Intermediate Care Facilities for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities or related conditions.

The Family Support Grant

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Securing and maintaining meaningful employment can be overwhelming for people struggling with behavioral health challenges. Through our Work Options Program, Westbrook staff will assess each persons’ interests, strengths, and choices and assist them throughout the employment process. The Work Options Program works closely with the Division of Rehabilitation Services to provide customized employment services. To most effectively meet the needs of job seekers we partner with local businesses throughout our eight-county region.

Work Options Services Include:


  • Formal and informal assessments, outreach to employers, job coaching, job placement, and follow-along services

  • Interdisciplinary Team (IDT): A team of family, friends, and employment professionals charged with assessment of the individuals’ strengths and needs, employment-based skills, and choices in types of desired work, resulting in a comprehensive employment plan

  • Employment Specialist to oversee all phases of the employment process including outreach, placement, and job supports as needed

  • Employment Assistant to work closely with the employee to advocate for the most successful employment outcome