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Children's Mobile unit

Children’s Mobile Crisis Response and Stabilization: MCRS Team help children and youths who are experiencing emotional or behavioral crises by interrupting the immediate crisis and ensuring youth and their families in crisis are safe and supported. The program provides support and skills necessary to return youths and families to routine functioning and maintain children in their homes or current living arrangements, schools and communities whenever possible. MCRS Team help children, youth and young adults aged 0-21 with serious mental health crises, regardless of funding eligibility, to prevent unnecessary institutionalization. We help children that demonstrate behaviors that are unmanageable. MCRS Team provide service availability 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Provide face-to-face response within 1 hour of contact at the site of the crisis. Reduce out-of-home placements, repeat visits to emergency rooms, and admissions to hospitals. MCRS Team coordinate support and other services by referring, linking and connecting the child to appropriate services. How to contact us: Call Westbrook Health Services Crisis Hotline (304) 485-1725 and ask for Children’s Mobile Crisis.

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