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Community Focused Treatment (CFT)


Community Focused Treatment (CFT) is a long-term, preventive, and rehabilitative service offered by Westbrook Health Services. It is specifically designed to support individuals with serious and persistent mental illness. Without the structured, ongoing skill maintenance and enhancement activities provided by CFT, these individuals' quality of life and level of functioning would likely be negatively impacted.

Program Structure

CFT is a structured program consisting of ongoing, regularly scheduled activities. These activities are meticulously planned to achieve several critical objectives:

- Maintain the Level of Functioning:
The program helps individuals retain their current level of functioning, preventing any decline in their abilities.

- Facilitate Functional Return: 
The program assists individuals in returning to their previously demonstrated levels of functioning.

Skill Maintenance and Development:

The goals of the CFT program are achieved through a combination of skill maintenance and development activities, as well as behavioral programming. These components are designed to maintain or improve adaptive functioning, enabling individuals to handle daily life more effectively and independently. The focus is on helping participants develop and sustain the skills necessary to manage their mental health and overall well-being.

 Community-Based Activities

A key emphasis of CFT is on community-based activities. These activities are integral to the program, as they help individuals integrate into their communities, build social connections, and develop a sense of belonging. Participating in community-based activities also provides practical opportunities for individuals to apply and enhance the skills they learn in the program.

Contact Us

Westbrook Health Services is dedicated to supporting individuals with serious and persistent mental illness through our Community Focused Treatment program. For more information about CFT or to learn how to enroll, please contact us. Together, we can help improve the quality of life and functioning for those in need within our community.

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