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Assertive Community Treatment

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is an inclusive array of community-based rehabilitative mental health services designed for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness. This program targets those who have a history of frequent psychiatric hospitalization and/or crisis stabilization and, therefore, require a well-coordinated and integrated package of services. These services are provided over an extended duration to enable individuals to live successfully in the community of their choice.

Specialized Service Delivery

ACT is a highly specialized model of service delivery. A multidisciplinary team assumes ultimate responsibility for a small, defined caseload of individuals. This team-based approach ensures that each client receives comprehensive, personalized care tailored to their unique needs.

Community-Based Services

Most direct services are provided by the ACT staff within the client’s community. This community-based approach allows the team to offer practical, real-time support in the environments where clients live, work, and socialize. This proximity enhances the relevance and effectiveness of the interventions.

Comprehensive Support

ACT combines clinical, rehabilitative, supportive, and case management services. This integrated approach addresses the multifaceted needs of individuals with serious mental illness. The staff provides direct assistance with symptom management, helping clients to stabilize and improve their mental health. Additionally, the team facilitates a more supportive environment by offering direct assistance in meeting basic needs such as housing, employment, and healthcare. This comprehensive support also aims to improve social, family, and environmental functioning.

Goals of ACT

The primary goals of ACT are to:

- Manage Symptoms: Help clients manage their symptoms effectively.

- Meet Basic Needs: Provide direct assistance in securing housing, employment, and other essential services.

- Improve Functioning: Enhance social, family, and environmental functioning.

- Promote Independence: Support clients in achieving greater independence and improved quality of life.

Contact Us

Westbrook Health Services is committed to helping individuals with serious and persistent mental illness through our Assertive Community Treatment program. For more information about ACT or to learn how to enroll, please contact us. Together, we can provide the support and services necessary for individuals to thrive in their communities.

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