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Individualized Placement and Support (IPS) Supported Employment

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an evidence-based model of supported employment designed for adults with serious mental illness (SMI). At Westbrook Health Services, we are committed to helping individuals achieve their vocational goals through this proven approach.

Principles of IPS

IPS is built on eight core principles:

1. Competitive Employment: Focuses on helping individuals obtain jobs in the competitive labor market.

2. Systematic Job Development: Employment Coordinators develop relationships with employers to create job opportunities.

3. Rapid Job Search: Emphasizes quick job searches to reduce the time individuals spend unemployed.

4. Integrated Services: Combines employment services with mental health treatment to provide comprehensive support.

5. Benefits Planning: Ensures individuals understand how employment will affect their benefits.

6. Zero Exclusions: Welcomes all individuals who express an interest in working, regardless of job readiness.

7. Time-Unlimited Supports: Provides ongoing support for as long as it is needed to maintain employment.

8. Worker Preferences: Respects and incorporates the individual’s job preferences and choices into the employment process.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of the IPS model is to provide individuals with rapid, integrated, competitive employment that aligns with their vocational aspirations. By focusing on the individual's strengths and preferences, IPS assists consumers in obtaining and maintaining meaningful employment.

Role of the Employment Coordinator

An Employment Coordinator plays a crucial role in the IPS program by:

- Working with employers to develop suitable job opportunities.

- Assisting consumers in securing competitive employment.

- Providing continuous support to ensure job retention and success.

Collaboration with WVDRS

The IPS program collaborates with vocational rehabilitation counselors from the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitative Services (WVDRS). This partnership enhances the support network available to individuals, ensuring they receive comprehensive assistance tailored to their needs.

Contact Us

Westbrook Health Services is dedicated to empowering individuals with serious mental illness through the IPS program. For more information about IPS or to learn how to enroll, please contact us. Together, we can help you achieve your employment goals and support your journey towards a fulfilling career.

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