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2022 Staff Picnic Award Winners!

Please help us recognize and congratulate all of our incredible award winners from the 2022 Westbrook Staff Picnic! Throughout the year, there is a lot of hard work and dedication required to help clients and allow Westbrook to run smoothly. We could not do any of it without our amazing staff who work around the clock to ensure only the best for our clients.


Perfect Attendance Awards


Has to be a full-time staff member that had no unscheduled absences from July 1st, 2021 through June 30th, 2022

Sherri Alderson - Crisis Specialist

Kyle Ayers - Behavioral Health Tech

Robert Barr - Direct Support Professional

Pamela Blosser - Direct Support Professional

Jeremy Caplinger - Residential Supervisor

Kristen Casto - Program Director (Amity)

Dayna Cooper - Department Support Specialist

Michelle Craddock - ACT Program Director

Joshua Cranfield - Peer Recovery Support Specialist

Ashley Davis - Prevention Program Coordinator

Buffie Durham - Program Director Centralized Intake

Tammy Eisenbarth - L.P.N.

Suzanne Evans - Division Director (MH Intensive)

Jason Ferrebee - Adult Suicide Interventionist

Michelle Greenwalt - Billing Supervisor

Debra Hall - Recruiter

RJ Jacob - DUI Instructor

Joyce Jewell - Habilitation Tech

Mary Kendle - Medical Records Coordinator

Timothy Leach - Case Manager

Daniel Lockhart - Residential Supervisor

Truman Long - Therapist

Rick Lowther - Program Director (DD Residential Wood)

Jim Lutz - Assistant Facilities Director

Corrina Moore - Case Manager

Jeff Morgan - Case Manager

Kendale Peterson - Behavioral Health Tech

Kimberly Priimaegi - Behavioral Health Tech

Janek Priimagi- Behavioral Health Tech

Joe Riley - QA/Compliance Specialist

Michelle Ruble - Case Manager

Rachel Scheiding - Certifier

Mark Starcher - Residential Supervisor

Kathy Starcher - Program Director (Roane DD Services)

Christine Sturgeon - Billing Support Specialist

Kevin Trippett - Chief Executive Officer

Eva Tupper - Crisis Specialist

Tracy Tynan - Community Engagement Specialist

Patricia Vann - Therapist

Analisa Vann - Therapist

Tera Williamson - Case Manager

Stephanie Winland - Behavioral Health Tech

Samantha Winland - Peer Recovery Support Specialist

Crystal Wyer - Behavioral Health Tech


5 years of service

Barbara Barnes - Tupper, Vitals Tech

Jennifer Bindley - Medical Office Assistant

Cory Carr - Division Director (Crisis Services)

Crystal Caudill - Peer Recovery Program Coordinator

Janet Davis - Habilitation Tech

Charlotte Grady - Direct Support Professional

Daniel Lockhart - Residential Supervisor MH

Crystal Marshall - Senior Department Support Specialist

James McClain - Program Director-DUI

Jeanne Nottingham - Community Engagement Specialist

James Romine - Behavioral Health Tech

Chelsey Scott - Program Director (Adult Mobile Crisis)

Eva Tupper - Crisis Specialist

Kyle Weiford - Residential Supervisor IDD

Tammy Welch - Behavioral Health Tech


10 years of service

Tim Baer - Engagement Specialist

Dennis Botkins - Direct Support Professional

Keith Bryant - Program Director (QRT/LEAD)

Vicky Burrows - Southern Region Director *Pictured on the left*

Michelle Craddock - Program Director (ACT)

Kayla Fields - Residential Supervisor

Aaron Hopkins - Habilitation Tech

Sherry Morris - Billing Support Specialist

Michelle Ruble - Case Manager IDD

Penny Starcher - Custodian *Pictured on the right*

Leah Wagoner - LPN


15 years of service

Bill Sims - LPN (CSU)


20 years of service

Dedra Balderson - Habilitation Tech

Gary Stover - Certifier


25 years of service

Leslie Gates - Behavioral Support Professional

Rodney Roberts - Supervisor IDD Day Program


30 years of service

Jodene Cross - Habilitation Tech


WOW Awards


Rising Star - Seth Kerby

Adult Mobile Crisis Specialist

Nominees: Demi Boggs, Shelby Stevenson, Pam Rake, Diana Mace,

Seth Kerby, Stacie Hays, Ashley Davis


  • Has been employed from between 6 months and 2 years by July 1st, 2022

  • Consistently goes above and beyond

  • Positively promotes Westbrook

  • Has made a significant contribution to an area, the agency in general and/or client's lives

"Seth had been a member of the Adult Mobile Crisis team for a short time and was still training when I came onboard in March. During that time he has put in long hours and learned the position well, teaching new staff, and exhibiting Westbrook values. He has consistently put in extra hours and shown the willingness to go to the extra mile to help get clients placed, and has also advocated and encouraged them to find treatment. Oftentimes it takes a person a while to find their niche and longer to develop the skills, yet I have seen Seth Kerby develop over the past few months into an adaptive and creative crisis worker and I look forward to seeing how he continues to develop those skills for the future"

- Nicholas Barton


Consider It Done - Olivia Shreve

Case Manager Outpatient Services Southern Counties

Nominees : Loretta Griffin, Olivia Shreve, Tammy Salyers, Tris Spitsnaugle, Adam Short,

Joe Riley, Kendra Barker, Annette Hickman, Jessica Hixon, Daisy McVey


  • Works independently without need of supervision

  • Takes extra steps to complete projects

  • Completes requested tasks with positive attitude

  • Consistently meets deadlines

"Olivia consistently gives 100% to her job everyday. She is always willing to help whenever needed and also willing to help train new staff. Olivia meets her productivity every month and completes documentation as per agency policy. Olivia has stepped out of her comfort zone whenever asked - she is not only working in MH, but also has picked up MAT duties + IOP as well, and she always has a very positive attitude. Olivia is a great team player but also works well independently. She can always be counted on to get things done efficiently and timely"

- Vicky Burrows


Caught In The Act of Caring - Burnie Edman

Habilitation Tech Wood Co. IDD Residential

Nominees: Jessika Walters, Teresa Williams, Jamie Schneider,

Kelcie Metz, Jessica Hixon, Burnie Edman, Chris Arpin


  • Has demonstrated an exceptional action or actions to improve a client's life

"While helping cover shifts at Stella II, I would often be following up Bernie. He knew I wasn't regularly scheduled staff so he would always make sure anything he could do to make the evenings or midnights go smoother for the guys was done. If one of them was having a rough day he would make sure I knew their favorite snack. If one of the guys was super happy, he would make sure to leave me ideas for things they like to do. Bernie would often make sure dinner was ready for my shift to help me have as much time to help guys as I can. He definitely made my days covering there so much easier. The love he gives the gentlemen he takes care of is a blessing to see"

- Christina Burdette


Westbrook Ambassador - Maria Parks

Northern County Office Coordinator

Nominees: Rodney Roberts, Rick Lowther, Brittany Sword,

Samantha Winland, Vicky Burrows, Maria Parks


  • Positively represents Westbrook to coworkers, managers and general public

  • Acts as a significant external public presence for the agency

  • Is professional and engaged both internally and when acting on behalf of the agency

"When considering a Westbrook Ambassador, Maria Parks is the immediate name that comes to mind. Maria's genuinely kind and caring personality is evident in all situations, but especially when she's called upon to de-escalate clients or staff. I have personally witnessed Maria work wonders with clients that are too distraught to even speak. Her gentle nature and calming presence time and time again has decreased even the most volatile of emotions. All of our staff can benefit from a lesson by Maria in empathy and the validating of one's feelings. During interviews, Maria's knowledge of Westbrook's history and departments really shines. Candidates walk away from interviews impressed at how proud Maria is to work at WHS, and this makes them desire to be part of her team. Maria takes the time to learn each client's name and story. When clients cross paths with Maria, they are treated to a warm reception and a feeling of being genuinely cared for by her. I've seen Maria packed up and halfway out the door to leave for the evening, but happily turn back around to help a client settle an issue while maintaining and exhibiting the compassionate attitude that Westbrook desires in all our employees. Maria also takes the time to learn her staff and be available to them both professionally and personally, without an ounce of judgement or bias. No matter how large Maria's caseload, she will always make it a priority to help where needed AND still manage to complete all her own tasks. During discussions with community agencies, such as Ritchie Regional Health Center and DHHR, Maria is a valuable asset when representing WHS and explaining our mission. She does all of this with a smile. You do not have to listen to me tell you about Maria- simply ask one of the hundreds of WHS employees that she has interacted with over her almost decade of service and they will surely tell you the same things that I am. Everyone has a "Maria Story"- an anecdote of a time when she made them feel like the most important person in the world"

- Jaime Strayer


Hawkeye Award - Jim Lutz

Assistant Facilities Director

Nominees: Jim Lutz


  • Identifies cost saving methods

  • Streamlines processes for high productivity resulting in saving time and money and reducing waste

  • Suggests new ways of thinking and contributes creative ideas to the agency

"Anything he is asked to do, he analyzes the problem and comes up with the best and most cost effective way to solve the problem. He tries to solve problems with what we have on hand and he is always caring for the safety of the clients"


MacGyver Award - Tim Leach

Case Manager Wood Co.

Nominees: Tim Leach, Jim Lutz, Seth Kerby, Cindy Gorrell, Patricia Ray, Penny Starcher


  • Solves problems quickly and efficiently

  • Thinks outside of the box to fix problems and develop workarounds

  • Uses limited resources in creative and effective ways

"This nominee regularly develops, maintains, and uses shortcuts including various "cheat sheets" to assist in re-occurring tasks. These include, but are not limited to, drug screens, car inspections, and computer shortcuts. He is more than willing to not only lend a hand, but also share his knowledge and experience to help solve problems. He continually goes above and beyond the scope of his duties to aid and assist both clients and staff. He even makes and delivers snacks and goodies. It is for these and many other reason that I respectfully nominate Tim Leach for The MacGyver Award"

- Jeff Morgan


Behind The Scenes - Penny Starcher

Custodian Roane County

Nominees: Jeff Morgan, Lori Hill, Donald Husk, Allison Pinson, Penny Starcher, Patricia Ray


  • Goes above and beyond to improve the safety and cleanliness of Westbrook facilities

  • Contributes to the safety and betterment of the agency without need for accolades

  • Advocates for safe practices, including safe lifting, driving and building maintenance

"Penny is all around amazing at what she does. The facility is always immaculate, even if it is a day where she is in Ripley or Ravenswood and there is something in Spencer needing completed, Penny is on top of it. She is always taking extra precautions to help reduce the spread of "GERMS". She is very kind and friendly to the clients in the lobby as well, and if there is someone who seems upset, she is always making sure to lend an encouraging word and help pick them up. Penny is amazing, so please consider her for this award"

- Diana Mace


Team Awesome - MH Residential

Members: Teresa Williams, Kayla Fields, Crystal Wyer, Sonya Shaffer,

Jimmy Romine, and Brandy Taylor

Nominees: Southern MH Residential, Medical Services, Northern Counties Peer Support


  • The division/area has had significant positive impact on the agency as a whole, either financially, through reputation, through program expansion, or through outstanding teamwork in the face of hardship

"The MH Residential staff work so quietly and efficiently in the Southern region! They are always doing a great job and I feel that they should be recognized for this. The clients are so luck to have each and everyone of them!"

- Brian Glover


Encouraging Word - Shelby Stevenson


Nominees: Carla Marshall, Shelby Stevenson, Michelle Smith, Olivia Shreve,

Jamie Schneider, Emily Stover, Christa Raitz, Shelly Mize, Andrea Kammerdiener,

Maegan Gaver, Theo Cruse, Jennie Burroughs, Sherri Alderson


  • Genuinely kind to coworkers, clients, families, and the public

  • Supports others in a way that makes them feel important and does so even with a significant workload

  • Takes the time to focus on others' needs or concerns. Asks how someone is doing and genuinely listens to them

"Shelby always takes the time to walk around the office to say hello and check on someone who isn't quite having a good day. She is encouraging to individuals when speaking to them, she speaks to clients in a kind manner, she offers me assistance when she checks in with me, and she even answers the phone and handles scheduling if needed. If there is anything needing to be done in the office, Shelby is on it!"

- Diana Mace


Lifetime Achievement Award - Gary Stover


Nominees: Gary Stover, Sarah O’Neill, Rick Lowther


  • Has had 20+ years of service with Westbrook as of July 1st, 2022

  • Has had a significant positive impact on the agency

  • Has not won Lifetime Achievement before

"Gary has officially been with Westbrook for 20 years! The mood in the room always changes positively when we get to work with him! Gary is very knowledgeable in his field and is willing to answer every question that comes his way. Even if we are at the hospital at 3am, Gary is still willing to help us. Gary works very well with clients and appears to love what he does. He is great at giving advice anytime we ask personal or work-related questions. Gary is truly a great addition to our crisis family! I feel that Gary is a great candidate for the Lifetime Achievement Award"

- Chelsey Schott


WOW (Wonder of Westbrook) - Diana Mace

Customer Support Specialist Roane County

Nominees: Thea Grether, Kyle Weiford, Rachel Scheiding, Brandon Suter, Shelby Stevenson, Barb Reynolds, Cory Carr, Diana Mace, Rick Lowther, Chris Arpin, Trisha Moore, Daisy McVey


  • The nomination should show that the employee has routinely gone above and beyond what was expected while maintaining the core duties of their position. The employee's actions should have impacted more than just their specific area and have had positive effects for the agency. The employee should demonstrate outstanding teamwork and willingness to do whatever is needed to support both their area and the organization as a whole.

"I am nominating Diana Mace for the WOW Award. Diana goes above and beyond what is expected of her core job duties. We have been down one admin in the Spencer office since April due to FMLA absence. Diana has not missed a beat. She efficiently manages her tasks and the additional work with a smile and positive attitude. In addition to her job duties, she is willing to volunteer her time with the Mother's Day 5k, the events committee, and the Roane County Back to School Bash. She brings the "WOW" factor to everything she does, even decorating the front office for every season/holiday. Please consider Diana Mace for the WOW award"


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