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New Westbrook Podcast & Updates!

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Westbrook now has a podcast that is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, and Youtube! Just search #studio2121 and subscribe to make sure you do not miss any updates or new episodes!

Episode Overviews

Episode 1 features our President and CEO, Kevin Trippett, and our Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Eric Limegrover. Kevin is the host for this one, and they are talking all things CCBHC! You can find the youtube link here.

Episode 2 dives into the story of how our CRU Program Director, Brittian Miller, became acquainted with Westbrook and talks about all the trials and tribulations with addiction and substance use disorder along the way. This is hosted once again by our President and CEO, Kevin Trippett, and you can find the link here to watch it.

Episode 3 is a special edition episode hosted by our COO, Jolie Kerenick, and Director of Nursing, Liz Ramsay. They talk about everything from personal reasons for joining Westbrook, to memes, merch, and more! Tune into this episode using the link below.

Episode 4 dives into the different levels depression and anxiety with Westbrook therapist, Kendra Johnson. She talks about different ways to cope with depression at home, and this is an episode you do not want to miss. Check it out here!

Episode 5 includes Jolie and Liz again as they talk with the Residential Supervisor over at Amity, Jesse Hyde. In this episode you'll learn about Jesse and her journey with Westbrook, what our Amity program is and also how our Mothers Day 5K race will benefit Amity this year!

Episode 6 includes information about Mental Health Awareness Month. Join Jason, Chelsi and Barri as they talk about Prevent Suicide WV and Mental Health Awareness Month.

Episode 7 is bringing back "Spill the Tea with Liz and Me". Tune in with Liz and Jolie as they talk about choosing and recognizing joy through all trials and tribulations.

Episode 8 includes Kevin and Mark as they have a conversation about Behavioral Health and our Legislative Goals for the state of West Virginia!

Episode 9 is another edition of "Spill the Tea with Liz and Me", and they are featuring our Program Director for Connections, Tristram Spitsnaugle. They talk about all the great things we are doing with our homeless community.

Episode 10 has two parts with Liz and Jolie. They dive into all things pop culture with a crossover into mental health. This is an episode you don't want to miss!

Episode 11 brings in The Director of the SUD Collaborative to talk about all the moves both organizations are making to ensure a better future for our surrounding communities.

Episode 12 tackles a large array of subjects, with a focus on the ARC. Kevin sits down with Executive Director, Liz Ford, to discuss everything!

Episode 13 is another edition of "Spill the Tea with Liz and Me", with special guests, Dan and Stanley. They talk about multiple different topics from a client/staff perspective.

Bonus Episode! QRT/LEAD Program Director, Keith Bryant, walks through all of the steps to using a Fentanyl Test Kit. Westbrook Health Services does not condone the use of any illegal substance. This video is to be utilized as a harm reduction tool.

Episode 14 brings Liz and Jolie back, but this time with a fellow Westbrook employee, Chelsi Rose, who has recently won the Miss for America pageant. Tune in to hear all of her recent events that have taken place!

Check back for updates and new episodes!

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