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Jessica Mathews & Her Take on Equality

Coming up on her fifth year with Genoa Healthcare, Jessica Matthews accredits her perspective on life to her clients. She is a pharmacy technician, and has been working in that position with Genoa since 2017. This position is one in which she plans to stay.

“There is more of a connection between myself and clients in this position than my last”, she recalls.

When not working, she enjoys running, spending time with her five year old son, and making copycat Pura Vida bracelets. Growing up, she would spend time doing crafts with her mom and she enjoyed having a creative outlet. Just recently did she get back into painting, and this skill turned out to be an influence on her contest entry.

In regards to the contest entry, Jessica had learned about it through a routine Genoa email chain, and she decided to check it out. From there, she recognized the contest could bring awareness to the company, and she began giving out flyers to anyone and everyone throughout the office. She wanted a large number of employees to enter, and through promoting it, Jessica decided to enter as well.

Jessica is heavily involved with Genoa’s marketing team, and for Pride month in June 2021, she had taken a picture representing what Pride stands for. She used this for marketing purposes, and then also turned it into her entry for the contest.

Jessica had submitted her final design in June 2021, and she found out she was the winner in late August. There were over 900 entries total for the calendar, and Jessica was able to stand out with her meaningful piece!

When asked where her inspiration came from, Jessica opened up and gave heartfelt insight to the purpose of the design. During the interview, she stated that she had written a letter to Congress regarding the heavy stereotypes and judgment around those with drug abuse and mental health problems. She had gotten a receptive response from a contact there, and Jessica stated that she will continue to advocate on a large platform. Her love for equality and compassion lead her towards her final design.

With this passion for helping people, and two weeks of hard work on her entry piece, she created a beautiful image that won her the June 2022 spot.

The purpose of her design is to show support and equality for all. Jessica is an incredible leader who uses her voice to spread kindness.

“All people are worthy of love and kindness, no matter what they have gone through,” Jessica said with passion. “We are all human beings and we all need to be more compassionate.”

Jessica is an inspiration, especially the community members she impacts personally. The message she spreads everyday is one that can never go out of style.

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