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Shoutouts and Celebrations for February!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022


* Thank you to our Accounting Department for working so hard on our new payroll system!

* Shoutout to Barb Reynolds for all of your hard work at I/DD!

* Thank you to everyone who helped with the snow clearing efforts! It made a huge difference.

* Thank you Jeff Morgan, Tim Leach, and Joe Wyler for cleaning off vehicles!

* Congratulations to Trish Kelly for one day shy of 13 years here! We wish you good luck as you leave Westbrook!

* Congratulations to Tammy Eisenbarth for 19 years last week!

* Shoutout to Amanda Moore and Cory Carr in their new Division Director positions!

* Congratulations to Darby Stevens for retiring in February after 21 years here at Westbrook!

* Debbie Hall- Thank you for your support and professionalism recruiting new staff.

* Sherry Adams, Brittian Miller, Trish Moore, Annette Gossert, Debbie Brammer and Katie Fleming-Thank you for helping put the holiday lunches together for the Wood DD division for safety.

* Beth Parsons has been promoted to Mental Health Day Services Program Director! She will oversee CFT and Wood and Jackson counties and the mental health supported program, IPS.

*Amber S. Bailey and Kristin DeVault-Juelfs for navigating challenging situations at the schools.

*Jeff Morgan for leaving his lunch and picking up a client to take him to his PCP appt. This was at the last minute due to a critical lab that came back for the client. Thank you Jeff for always willing to help!

*Updated 2/23/22*

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